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Messenger Bags

Do not forget to bring your leather shoulder bag, it is one of the bags of everyday life. our shoulder bags made in Italy, are produced in Florence, in the heart of Italian leather goods. We keep a great deal of emphasis on production to satisfy you and the customer's needs.

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Jennifer - Shoulder bag

(Code: Art.Ha6061)

Danae - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Mi3755)

Dafne - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Fo7251)

Arianna - Shoulder bag

(Code: Art.Si5329)

Maia - Hand bag

(Code: Art.De3952)

Selene - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Ti1725)

Aurora - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Fu8203)

Janna - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Xe2723)

Elisabetta - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Wa1370)

Lucia - Shoulder bag

(Code: Art.Ci0372)

Stefania - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Go5035)

Sonia - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Go0367)

Sissy - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Tu0382)

Sabrina - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Ci1732)

Lulu - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Pe5931)

Morgana - Backpack

(Code: Art.Po0521)

Irelia - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Na5371)

Letizia - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Gu9670)

Ilaria - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Fo8716)

Alita - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Wi9334)

Anika - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Pu7063)

Violetta - belt bag

(Code: Art.Mo4960)

Tristana - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Gu9833)

Iris - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Ke8699)

Giulia - Hand Bag

(Code: Art.Je6259)

Kisha - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Ma8886)

Nala - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Si2314)

Bella - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Je5819)

Sara - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Co5376)

Venorica - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Di1572)

Patrizia - Messenger Bag

(Code: Art.He5015)

Beatrice - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Te7206)

Tina - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Co9415)

Angela - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Ke1573)

Emanuela - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Ke8243)

Fabio - Hand Bag

(Code: Art.Mu9305)

Atena - Hand Bag

(Code: Art.Nu8147)

Adriana - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Na1544)

Linda - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Fe8931)

Stella - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Pa1755)

Cristina - Shoulder bag

(Code: Art.Fo9391)

Sofia - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Gu7435)

Melissa - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.De3893)

Serena - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Lu1799)

Elisa - Messenger Bag

(Code: Art.To9257)

Carla - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Du4932)

Erica - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Pa0138)

Anna - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Ti8572)

Marina - Shoulder bag

(Code: Art.Go2831)

Vanessa - Hand Bag

(Code: Art.Co3972)

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