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Leather Bags (All General)

Resistant to time, elegance and loyalty, leather bags made in Italy are natural and breathe, Fior di Loto - Wholesale Bags Online offers you a series of leather bag products made in Italy with high-quality Italian leather. We create new models of leather bags daily in Florence to make you feel always fresh.

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Danae - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Mi3755)

Flora - BackPack

(Code: Art.Te1954)

Dafne - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Fo7251)

Arianna - Shoulder bag

(Code: Art.Si5329)

Maia - Hand bag

(Code: Art.De3952)

Selene - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Ti1725)

Aurora - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Fu8203)

Janna - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Xe2723)

Elisabetta - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Wa1370)

Lucia - Shoulder bag

(Code: Art.Ci0372)

Stefania - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Go5035)

Roberta - Shoulder bag

(Code: Art.Mu9352)

Fiona - Shoulder bag

(Code: Art.Lo6927)

Sonia - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Go0367)

Nelvin - Back pack

(Code: Art.De3902)

Sissy - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Tu0382)

Sharon - Marsupio

(Code: Art.Ci4071)

Sabrina - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Ci1732)

Lulu - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Pe5931)

Morgana - Backpack

(Code: Art.Po0521)

Irelia - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Na5371)

Letizia - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Gu9670)

Ilaria - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Fo8716)

Alita - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Wi9334)

Anika - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Pu7063)

Violetta - belt bag

(Code: Art.Mo4960)

Tristana - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Gu9833)

Iris - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Ke8699)

Giulia - Hand Bag

(Code: Art.Je6259)

Camilla - Shoulder bag

(Code: Art.Pi9366)

Kisha - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Ma8886)

Doda - Shoulder bag

(Code: Art.Je1158)

Nala - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Si2314)

Bella - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Je5819)

Valentina - Shoulder bag

(Code: Art.Lo8712)

Sara - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Co5376)

Venorica - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Di1572)

Patrizia - Messenger Bag

(Code: Art.He5015)

Beatrice - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Te7206)

Simone - Folder

(Code: Art.Fa9295)

Elena - Back pack

(Code: Art.Du9552)

Tina - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Co9415)

Angela - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Ke1573)

Emanuela - Messenger bag

(Code: Art.Ke8243)

Silvia - Shoulder Bag

(Code: Art.Fa5390)

Mirea - Shoulder Bag

(Code: Art.Du8752)

Alessia - Hand bag

(Code: Art.Fi8593)

Fabio - Hand Bag

(Code: Art.Mu9305)

Giulio - Back pack

(Code: Art.Ta9820)

Atena - Hand Bag

(Code: Art.Nu8147)

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